• Mission: Empowering those overlooked in society by inspiring them to soar.
  • Vision: To eradicate disparity, building up one person at a time.
  • Values: INtegrity Humility Inspiring Motion
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Divine Momentum is the parent company with an overarching mission that supports the submissions of the subsidiaries below.

Whether you personally believe in God or not, there is no question as to whether you are living and breathing this day. We do not have the ability to wake up in the morning and tell ourselves to breathe, there is a force much greater than us that has given us the gift of life.

My belief is that if you want MOMENTUM or forward movement in life you must accept there is a force and power far greater than yourself and for me. I call that DIVINE.

  • Residential Treatment Center

  • Transformational Life Coaching Speaker/Trainer/Consultant

  • Non-Profit Organization

    The Village AZ